Cystic Fibrosis

One of the most frequently asked questions I get when I say I have written a book concerning the effects of Cystic Fibrosis on a family is “Does someone in your family have this condition?”

The answer is would have that to the best of my knowledge no one in my immediate family has ever been infected. But now I find that there are not too distant relations who do, though until I started working on the idea, I had never realized how serious, complicated and life threatening Cystic Fibrosis could be, or ever considered that the gene that causes it could be in the family gene pool.

The life expectancy figures are increasing all the time as new drugs and improved methods of dealing with infections are implemented. But the condition never goes away. It is best known for its clogging effect on lungs, but it also has an impact of the digestive system and can cause problems with fertility.

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