About Caro

I started writing a long time ago, but like many budding writers, wasn’t quite sure that I had worked out what was required. But that didn’t stop me from continuing. Eventually, the editing process started, and I have published 4 books, and have another almost ready to release. There are 4 more in the pipeline, some as almost completed drafts, others forming in my head. 

The books are available on Kindle, and some are out as paperbacks and two as audiobooks. See my book page for full details.

The reason it has taken me so long to get these finished is that I run a B&B at Greenham Hall. A large victorian house on the devon Somerset border.  

In addition I have approximately 2500 second hand books on East Africa for sale. Some are listed on the Africana page. Do contact me if you are looking for something not listed, as I may have a copy.