Bugs galore, friends or foes?

I seem to have developed an allergy to insect bites. Years ago a bumble bee got trapped in my trouser leg, and in its frustration, stung me on the ankle. Having lived in Africa most of my life, it never occurred to me to get medical help for a sting. My leg blew up like a balloon, the swelling reaching up to my knee. I suffered for over a week, dunking my leg in cold baths, and applying ice packs as often as I could. They helped a little but not enough. Eventually the swelling subsided.

Since then I have had several bites, from a variety of bugs, and most have blown up rather rapidly, with some of the worst reactions coming from the smallest midges. It has taught me to rush for the antihistamine tablets and creams as soon as I am aware of a hit, in the sometimes vain  hope of reducing the impact.

My most recent encounter was with a wasp. Yes, I was foolish, I thought there was a wasp nest in the creeper I wanted to trim, and I went to investigate. Swoosh they flew out at such speed, I was taken by surprise. One got me a direct hit on the forehead. I managed to run fast enough to avoid the rest adding to my woes. This was the consequence.

wasp reaction!

Later properly clad in protective clothing, armed with a long range spray I got my revenge.

Bugs, Wasps, Stings, midges, antihistamines,

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