Nature ruling my garden.

I am struggling at the moment with nature taking over my garden. I am not a perfectionist when it comes to plants, but sometimes there is a limit as to how much control wild plants can be allowed to spread. This is especially difficult to explain when some of the wild flowers are stunning. IMG_2678

These beautiful flower belong to the ground elder plant. It is so pretty right now as it flowers, but beware of all those lovely seed heads developing. At the same time, below the surface it has a network or roots that resemble spaghetti, which suffocate all the other flowering plants in the flower bed, like the Phlox fighting for survival in the photo above. Digging it up is hard work and results in barrows filled with what looks like spaghetti bolognaise. If one tiny scrap of root is left it carries on growing with gusto.

It is hard to hate something so pretty, but there are times when it drives me mad.

Meanwhile back to editing my next book.  Nearly as frustrating as dealing with weeds. All those extra words that manage to get in the wrong place that need to be sorted out.

What plant causes you problems?

What part of editing do you dislike most?

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