The Mallaig Link


A tip off about a mysterious house near Mallaig tempts DI Gavin McKay to set up surveillance. His boss becomes a suspect and he has to pretend to close his investigation. The death of his informant, and trust issues in the office make him continue his quest.
Seeking information about a woman washed up on an island gives him the cover he needs to continue.

When McKay is tasked with finding the identity of a woman washed up on an island off the coast of Scotland suffering from amnesia, he uses this as a way of continuing digging. The mystery deepens when a link is made between the woman and the house in Mallaig. Bombs, blackmail and more are revealed as he delves into how his boss is connected.

Romance blossoms between the woman and the doctor who rescues her and puts McKay back in touch with an old flame. Can he trust them to keep the woman safe, while he completes his investigation.
This book is available as a paperback or on Amazon Kindle.



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