Christmas presenting new challenges.


“Now about Christmas…”

Clare gulped with surprise. Christmas had been a taboo topic all their married life, with every detail left to her, from the decorations to the food and also buying and wrapping all the presents, including her own.

“Christmas?” she asked, wondering why he should so suddenly be thinking so far ahead.

“I thought about taking the kids skiing. Do you think they’d like the idea?”  The uncertainty I his voice was new to her. She could only guess that the threat of having to spend time with his parents had prompted this sudden interest in winter sports.

“Skiing, versus Cornwalll with the grandparents, no contest,” she answered. “Have you asked them?”

“No. I wanted to check with you first. I’d like you to come too.”

“Sorry, Mike, I won’t be joining you, but I’m happy for the children to go if that’s what they want.”

“Had you anywhere in mind?” she asked, her mind running through a long list of things that needed consideration. How Hannah would cope with her exercises and medication was one thing, trusting Mike with the responsibility, quite another.


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