Title matters.

What made you choose your book title? Did you have any regrets?

Cover2 600p AntlionI called my first book Feast of the Antlion. I thought it was different enough to make people look twice. Which has to be good, doesn’t it?

Well I am now not so sure that it was such a clever plan. I have discovered that a huge number of people misread the word Antlion pronounced Ant lion. They break it up as An – tlion or throw in an extra letter and pronounce it as Ant – ilion.

It never occurred to me that this little ant eating creature would be such an unusual critter that so few people would be familiar with it.

There is one other drawback to using an insect name in the title of a book. There is always the chance that it will be filed in the nature section of the library.

I had briefly considered changing the title, but have decided to stick with it for now, because it fits with the idea of the book of my main character being in a trap and unable to get out, just like the ant that has fallen into the Antlion’s tiny volcano shaped trap of fine sifted sand.

It will serve to remind me to be more careful with my future book titles.

Book titles. Library categories. Insect names.

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