To Climb or not to Climb.

When I signed up for a June Blog challenge I thought maybe I should make it about things I might like to tackle in the future.

Climbing a mountain is one of the popular challenges people put on their list so I thought I’d start with that idea.

Then I fell foul of the temptation to go for the hardest and the highest. Mount Everest has to be the ultimate challenge in that category. It only took a few seconds to realize that with this choice my crowd phobia might come into play. A recent news article with a graphic photo showed a 300 strong queue to get to the summit.

A picture like that is enough to rule it out even before I figure out the £50,000 expenses bill that the trip could cost.

So maybe I should go back to a mountain tackled in my youth.

Mount Longonot is a volcanic crater set inside the Rift Valley in Kenya.

I can still remember the deep gullies that carved their way up to the rim. The joy and surprising lack of fear as I got to peer into the depth of the steep sided inner valley has stayed with me ever since.

While searching for a picture to illustrate this beautiful Volcano I found reports or fears about a potential eruption. Perhaps someone is telling me mountain climbing is a step too far and I should be satisfied with the memories. But then again maybe the unexplained activity is due to the recent floods in the region. I think I will leave this on the list for the further deliberation.

3 thoughts on “To Climb or not to Climb.

  1. Ah… Much to consider when deciding which mountain to concur.
    With age, ability and time… (talking about myself here) I’m thinking hills might be a nice option. 🙂

  2. Ah, but you DID do the climb, and by sharing your memories with us, you take us on your journey.

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