Paralysed by indecision.

Most days I struggle to figure out what to do. Not so much what should I do, but more accurately, which of the myriad of choices will win the lottery of tasks to be tackled.

With this tempting array it is hard to choose.

Start building my new fund raising community?

Write something new, a blog maybe?

Paint a picture?

Wage war on weeds?

Get back to reconstructing the stained glass window that is in pieces on my work bench?

Cook something special for lunch?

Give the grandchildren hugs and play with them?

Maybe I will do a little of each between the household chores.

I could of course, just try to find a quiet spot and put my feet up and read.

At least I can find joy in the fact there is no time to ever feel bored.

Which one do you think I should tackle?

What choices do you have?

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