Getting started.

Caro Ayre, Writer

I was trying to remember when the desire to write books began and was struck by the memory of trying to make my writing small enough to fit into the one inch high books I made for my dolls. My handwriting was illegible, space required short words which was good because I coudn’t spell, and the lack of an appreciative readership resulted in long-term writer’s block.

Getting back to writing took a long time. A move from Kenya, where I was born, to the cooler climes of Somerset, UK, marriage, children, house renovation and building up a bed and breakfast business took up most of my energy. But eventually the need to string words together crept back.

The busy life style made sure that I never had long enough to really settle to the task, but I kept on steadily working at it, learning all the time, about writing, writing more, even getting hooked on the crazy annual challenge of which entails writing 60,000 words in the month of November.

I never thought my novels would provide anything other than light entertainment, and I was having a huge amount of fun so persevered.

What I never expected was that I would find my books changing how I thought about life. My invented characters began to  face challenges that I had never encountered or  expected to encounter in my own life. Because I wanted to convey an accurate picture of their trials, I found myself researching subjects I had little previous knowledge of, and ones I might never have taken notice of  otherwise.

What did I find? To my surprise I found a huge number of extraordinary people who opened their hearts to me, let me ask awkward questions, gave me pointers to make my characters more true to whatever I had inflicted on them. These people were such an inspiration, I wanted to do more than just create a story. I wanted to make a difference.

I have set myself a challenge. Want to know what it is? Go and check my community page, maybe you can help.

I hope you will enjoy my first book.


This is an action packed adventure, with a romantic twist, set in Kenya.

Check out the link below to read sample chapters.

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